How to Make More Money in Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

How can I create more revenue for my company? This is the age-old question that has been asked since business was born. Seeking out new goods or services to increase sales should be on the minds of every owner or manager. For the carpet cleaning industry, we offer up services on upholstery or drapery cleaning as our first new revenue segment because those items fit within our core business of fabric cleaning. We simply needed a slightly different tool to use our main equipment to generate more income from our existing customer base. But what if you want real, tangible growth? How to Make More Money in Your Carpet Cleaning Business

The next natural progression then becomes working on other flooring surfaces in the home with tile and grout as the target. Tile and grout maintenance have become popular offerings for professionals is the potential revenue amounts they bring to the table. You can charge more for this service! Clients expect to pay more for tile and grout care because they paid more for the flooring.  However, many cleaning professionals do not offer this service type because they know very little about it or are worried that a mistake will cost them too much to repair any potential damage. How to Make More Money in Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Adding Hard Surface Services

Tile and grout can be an intimidating segment to tackle. The different surfaces, glass coating, and concrete filler (grout) behave differently when they encounter water from the cleaning process. The low-lying area (grout) presents multiple soil types and does not release soils in the same manner as carpet. This makes tile and grout cleaning a bit of a learning curve if you have not been certified or do not have extensive experience with these types of products. How to Make More Money in Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Fear not! I built and developed the IICRC SMT class and have trained thousands of professionals since 2004. I’ve compiled a FREE Grout Restoration checklist for you to help alleviate the anxiety that many cleaning pros experience when contemplating the move into tile and grout cleaning. Simply use the checklist to determine how to proceed with the cleaning tasks. You can get the checklist by signing up on the blue pop-up form to the right. Check back to my site to see blog posts, or my Facebook page for helpful information to assist cleaners find success and real results in the hard surface segment. How to Make More Money in Your Carpet Cleaning Business

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